Why Customized Learning

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Why Customized Learning?

Customized learning in executive education involves complementing traditional Face-to-Face programs with e-learning technologies such as Live Online sessions, simulations, discussion boards, group projects, classroom interactions, videos, and more. It brings in the best of all worlds, presenting the learner with just the right experience at just the right moment in their development.

The FLAME customized learning methodology is characterized by:

  • Relevant, industry-driven topics & themes
  • Intense Participant engagement
  • Flexible scheduling that fits the lifestyle of participants carrying significant responsibilities
  • Enhanced peer learning & collaboration
  • Personalized inputs & participant feedback

Customized learning programs tend to be spread out over more time, rather than being delivered in large blocks. This permits time for better absorption of key lessons, reflection on important themes and application of classroom knowledge to the job at hand.

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