What FLAME is all about.


FLAME University exists to build an aspirational destination for students and faculty, to push the design and nature of studies and to create a societal upgradation phenomenon particularly in the fields of liberal education and leadership. It has been established as a state private university in Maharashtra. It is a fully philanthropic initiative with an aim contribute to society in a noble manner.

FLAME University is the pioneer of liberal education in India. The University’s main objective is to offer an inter-disciplinary platform of education that provides both breadth and depth in diverse areas of knowledge. The liberal education ethos at FLAME University inculcates leadership and risk-taking abilities in students and focuses on discovering one’s passion. The student-centric learning is delivered by esteemed faculty scholars in a world-class campus setting.

FLAME University currently offers undergraduate & postgraduate programs across various disciplines all anchored in the core ethos of liberal education. The university currently consists of – FLAME School of Liberal Education, FLAME School of Business, FLAME School of Communication and FLAME School of Fine & Performing Arts.

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